Castlerock Cuff

Introducing cannabis chew!
The first and only of it’s kind on the cannabis market!

Are you Cuff Enough?



castlerock cuff doesn’t believe in following the crowd. We value health, innovation, and common sense. Life can be hard and we want to help you become your best self. Introducing castlerock cuff, a predictable way to heal, relax, and recover.

Developed in the Pacific Northwest, castlerock cuff is a cut above. We believe in challenging ourselves to be better each day. We believe in rising up and meeting our challenges. At castlerock cuff, only the highest quality products go into your cuff and you are always in control of your chewing outcome.

All of CRNaturals Licensees use natural ingredients like coconut oil and mint; ingredients known for their healthy properties, that can relax the body and mind and create a calm experience. By utilizing natural ingredients and practices that have been around for centuries, Castle Rock Naturals Licensees develop castlerock cuff centered around our customers’ health and well being.