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We are Honu is Hawaiian for sea turtle.

To the locals, the Honu represent longevity, peace, good luck, humility and “the spirit within”.

Turtles have always been important to the local Hawaiian people as they provided spiritual influence, tools, food and clothing. But the Hawaiians never “took” from the turtles lightly, they always revered the turtles.

We have chosen this as the name for our business as it embodies what we hold sacred as a team.

It is our belief that our wonderful state has taken a leap forward and is taking great risks given the current federal landscape. Because of this, we believe it’s important that you are aligned with people and businesses that are humble, looking for the long-term, focused on improving themselves and most of all respectful.

Purple Turtle Team

Red Nose Day

(Our Purple Turtle Team on Red Nose Day 5/26/16)

Marijuana Business Expo, Oakland California

(Our owners, and brothers, L-R: Jay, John and Paul Bohannon)