Flower: Bud and PreRolls

20160930_092026flyin-hawaiianwmFlying Hawaiian


We currently offer three product lines for you to choose from to suit your bud smoking needs: Honu (Premium indoor grown by Honu), Good Pot (High Quality sourced from other indoor/greenhouse farms) and Sungrown (outdoor grown the way mother nature intended, sourced from local growers).

Some of the strains we carry (but not limited to) include – Afghan Kush-Yumboldt, Amnesia, Blackberry+White Widow, Black Mountain+Jesus OG, Capleton, Chernobyl, Cookie Monster, Flying Hawaiian, Honu (our very own CBD strain), Kim360, Lavender, Maui Super Dawg, Secret Recipe, Snow White, Strawberry Cough, and Yeti. Looking for something particular? Shoot us a message!

We have some amazing Purple Turtles on our team! Not only do they hand weigh each bud for the glass jars and prepacks, but they also make bud joints, bud joints infused with oil, and Terpedos, which are live resin infused joints.