The Honu Kitchen team is hard at work making some of the best (not to mention, award winning) marijuana infused edibles available in the WA i502 market! If you are over 21 years old and are looking for an amazing treat infused with cannabis, then you’ve come to the right place. Our edibles are available at a large number of retail stores in WA, from Seattle to Spokane, Vancouver to Walla Walla! Next time you are in your favorite retail store look for the Purple Turtle logo!

Did you know, that each batch of edibles gets sent off for testing at an authorized facility? Washington law states that edibles may not exceed 10mg per serving. Our kitchen team has dialed in the correct ratio of cannabis oil with edible ingredients so the consumer gets a sweet treat without all the cannabis taste, but still maintains dosage consistency. Many processors can put out an edible that only has for example 7mg THC but unfortunately most customers expect it to be at or around 10mg. With that said, many will try an edible and not feel the effects. Then the next time the try an edible they may have the opposite result. This can make the consumer leery of trying them again when they don’t know what the end result will be. With the exception of the Turtle Mints (they are dosed at 5mg each/2mints = 1 serving), we strive to hit 10mg per serving with each batch made, and 99% of the time – they are spot on! Check your packaging for potency results, as each batch/each edible/each company results may vary.


ACORNS (seasonal)
mini peanut butter sandwich cookie with a tear drop chocolate morsel, all glued together with infused milk chocolate

dark chocolate square filled with a decadent caramel and topped with crunchy toffee pieces

antioxidant rich dark chocolate with cannabidiol properties. Great for medical uses!

CHOCOLATE TURTLES (popular item!)
milk chocolate dollop topped with a pretzel, delectable caramel, and a pecan. Perfect salty, sweet treat!

[2016 Dope Cup Award Winner]
sweet and creamy coconut truffle dipped in a rich white chocolate, rolled in raw sweetened coconut

our white chocolate mixed with chocolate cookie crumbs, no need for the milk with this one!

just like the tasty ice cream bar, this white chocolate bar has a nice, light orange essence

rich semi-sweet dark chocolate square, tantalizing your taste buds without too much sweetness

blend of oats and chocolate hazelnut spread, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in pecans

trigger your childhood nostalgia with a fluffy marshmallow dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in crunchy, honey graham crackers

MILK CHOCOLATE SQUARES (also available in Sugar Free!)
luscious milk chocolate square, plain and simple!

PEANUT BUTTER CUPS (The Honu Original!) (popular item!)
a creamy peanut butter center enrobed by a blend of milk and dark chocolate

salty bite sized pretzel filled with peanut butter, held together with a luscious milk chocolate

creamy peanut butter chocolate topped with roasted peanuts

TURTLE MINTS (each tab appx 5mg, 2 tabs = 1 serving)
spicy yet subtle cinnamon tab in a lower dosage for inexperienced consumers
Peppermints: refreshingly light peppermint tab that is lower in THC, so anyone can figure out a dosage that works for them

If you’ve purchased some Honu edibles, you’ve probably noticed they are individually wrapped in plastic inside of the retail bag. It can be difficult to open, to say the least. Curious why we do this? Read about it here!