All About CannaBliss

CannaBliss Usage & FAQs

Q: What is CannaBliss?
A: CannaBliss is an adult intimate personal lubricant made from fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and THC extracted from cannabis.

Q: How do I use CannaBliss?
You can use CannaBliss like any other adult intimate personal lubricant, but to achieve the maximum effect from CannaBliss we recommend the following:

1) Take your time. The best results are achieved if the lubricant is applied 30 minutes prior to sexual activity, alone or with a partner.
2) Apply it liberally to the external female genitalia, vulva, labia and clitoris. It may also be applied to the internal vaginal tissue.

Q: What can I expect when using CannaBliss?
Women who use CannaBliss report an increased level of arousal, increased pleasure from penetration and stronger, more intense orgasms. They also have reported having more orgasms when using CannaBliss. A small percentage of women report no difference from sexual relations when using CannaBliss.

Q: Is CannaBliss condom safe?
Because CannaBliss contains coconut and grapeseed oil it is not recommended to be used with latex and polyisoprene condoms at the risk of any micro sharp edges from the nut shells. Lambskin, polyurethane, or nitrile condoms should not be affected by CannaBliss.

Q: Is CannaBliss formulated especially for women?
Yes! CannaBliss is formulated to enhance the sexual experience for women. Women who use CannaBliss have reported heightened arousal, increased pleasure from penetration and more intense, longer lasting orgasms.

Q: Can Canna-bliss be used by men?
Yes men can use CannaBliss, but women overwhelmingly report increased sexual satisfaction when using CannaBliss. Sorry, guys. But the sily-smooth lubricating layer that reduces friction is satisfaction for all sexes.

Q: Will I get “high” using CannaBliss?
Unlike other topical cannabis products, and due to the method of application, women who use CannaBliss report a mild but noticeable euphoria that is very much like using cannabis when it is smoked, vaporized ingested.

Q: Will I test positive for THC if I take a urinalysis or other drug test?
Very likely yes, because CannaBliss is applied to the vagina (which is very rich in blood vessels) a detectable amount of THC may enter the blood stream.

Q:  Can I use CannaBliss if I am pregnant or breast feeding?
You should consult your doctor or healthcare professional about using THC while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q: Does CannaBliss provide any protection from STD’s?
No. CannaBliss does not provide any protection from sexually transmitted disease.

Q: Can I cook with CannaBliss?
The oils used are food base but not food grade. Normally you can cook with these oils, but using CannaBliss as a cooking agent is not recommended and up to the discretion of the consumer.